Custom Penitent Engine

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After picking up two cheap Penitent Engines for my Witch Hunters army, I was sadly lacking a third. Although I did have the metal front piece (with the penitent itself) from past bits trading.

What resulted was purchasing some Sentinel legs (thanks to wargamerau and to ebay), and raiding my bits box.

Through a combination of the Aegis Quad Gun set, a rhino hatch, two toothpicks and leftover Shadowsword bits, here is my kit bashed Penitent Engine:

40k-penitentengine01 40k-penitentengine02 40k-penitentengine03 40k-penitentengine04 40k-penitentengine05 40k-penitentengine06

Due to how front heavy the model is, I was forced to place weights on the baseplate. But they mixed into the basing rather well.

It does stand slightly taller than an original penitent engine, but not overtly.

All up I am rather pleased with how this turned out. I’m glad I took this path rather than paying Games Workshop $55 AUD. Take that, economy!