Fallout: New Vegas

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I picked up my pre-ordered Collector’s Edition of Fallout: New Vegas today.

Early reports were that the game was bug-filled from the beginning, so I pleged to await the release of a patch. Well, it seems a patch came out a few hours ago.

That and I learnt that even the retail version forces Steam upon you, so I started it installing. And trying to remember my Steam login details. Then trying to remember the answers to my secret questions. Then waiting for the Steam Platform to update. Now waiting for the game to update. Ah, I yearn for the days when having the media of the game was just enough to play it.

Whilst this is downloading, here are some snaps of the collectors edition bonuses. Not too shabby at all:


review-falloutnv-01 review-falloutnv-02

review-falloutnv-03 review-falloutnv-04 review-falloutnv-05 review-falloutnv-06