Nexus One, We Hardly Knew Ye

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It was revealed today that the Nexus One will not be receiving Ice Cream Sandwich. The final death of the device, when Google will no longer update it.

The N1 was both my first smartphone, and my first Android. HTC G1 users have said for years that you never forget your first Droid, and I can now understand this.

Ever since I saw the first photos of the device in late 2009, I fell in love. Even though it’s functionality was nowhere near what Android delivers now, and the fact that there were no games and limited apps, I will never forget my first Droid. Here are my fondest memories:

First Smartphone
I was a Nokia fan before, and my previous phone was rather dated and limited. Suddenly, the internet was in my pocket everywhere. I was on the grid, and the world of information was always on hand.

Google Maps
Initially turn-by-turn navigation was not enabled in Australia. But thanks to the work of Brut.all on XDA-Dev it could be used… kind of. Its directions were terrible, and it often lagged behind by two or three turns. And insisted on u-turns on crowded highways…

Realising that Carrier is Important
I was originally on Vodafone. Let me be completely clear so that there can be no misunderstanding: Vodafone sucks. When the only way to get data is to stand upside down in a thunderstorm with an umbrella inserted into your underwear whilst humming Blood on the Risers, something is very wrong. I’m sad to report that I was with Vodafone for my entire run with the Nexus One: when I moved to Optus I grabbed a free Galaxy S. Nonetheless, the phone was an eye opener.

Rooting and Custom ROMs
The Nexus One was ridiculously easy to root. The method to root it was available before the phone was! ClockworkMod was a big piece of my time with the phone, flashing ROMs and kernels all the time. Thanks to Cyanogenmod, I had my first taste of Gingerbread. Google set out by making a “developer phone” to interest developers and they succeeded; interest in Android development exploded.

So rest in piece Nexus One. I’m sorry that your lot in my life for the last six months has been as an alarm clock. You were the last phone I paid for. I saved myself for your larger sexier granddaughter, the Galaxy Nexus.