Nullus Anxietas 2011

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I attended Nullus Anxietas 2011, the Australian Discworld convention. It was held in Penrith this year, and with the news of Sir Terry Pratchett himself attending I was powerless to not attend.

It was admittedly my first time going to the Panther’s World of Entertainment. The club was easy enough to find, and the booked rooms were adequate in size.

There were numerous events, some were hit and miss, but for the most part entertaining. The people who attended were extremely friendly, and there were great costumes everywhere.

Of course, it was Sir Terry himself who was the highlight. The line for the book signing was long, and started ninety minutes in advance. It was worth it. I also scored a plastic tooth prop from The Hogfather movie. I had Wintersmith signed, a book that I often turn to when I need to smile the most.

On the Friday night we were read a sizable piece of the upcoming novel Snuff. We also learnt that the upcoming tv series about the Guard was indeed live action, and that the story would continue right on from Snuff.

I will be uploading a 720p video of the Dark Morris later today.

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